September 2017

First CultTech Hackathon in Austria.


  • 4 cultural institutions & 1 municipal government – 5 challenges
  • 80 applications & real-time matchmaking with Piobay database
  • 8 international startups participating
  • 3 Days and 35+ people hacking
  • 11 nationalities
  • 1 closing event with 300 international visitors and Press

Clients: City of Vienna, Vienna Business Agency, Federal Republic of Austria, RDI Group

Partners: Wiener Festwochen, Vienna State Opera, viennacontemporary, Kunsthistorisches Museum


November 2018

Focus on future trends in digital development within cultural heritage and creative content models for contemporary societies.

Client: RDI Group

Partners: Tretyakov Gallery, Gulag History Museum, Bolshoi Drama Theater, Perm Opera, Moscow Philharmonic Society, Bolshoi Theater, University 2035 e.g

in planning 


September 2018

Portraying the dimensions of CultTech and cultural heritage, both as challenge and unique opportunity.

Discussing creative content, new content models and what’s missing.

Client: RDI Group

Partners: Dorotheum, Vienna State Opera, viennacontemporary, Vienna Business Agency e.g

in planning 


May 2018

“Collective Minds and Solutions”

A panel discussion on urban innovation and startups reimagining city life.

Clients: MINI / Urban X

Partners: Forward Creatives