What most look at as a global threat, the “Pandemic” to RDI is a wave of opportunities. Founded on the premise of optimism, RDI is on a mission to digitally empower any entity with a legitimate motive to do business.

The RDI story

"Innovation" being a success factor for any digital transformation, the acronym RDI extended R&D to: Research, Development & Innovation. Moving further it was realized that understanding customer requirements is what drives innovative thinking, thus the importance of "customer-centricity" led to RDI- Reach, Discover & Innovate (digital solutions). But then again, to realize the "Opportunity", we were urged to see the "Pandemic" as a "Revolution". Across industries, Digital Transformation was a revolution waiting to happen. The pandemic simply accelerated this revolution and disrupted almost everything of importance to us. The way we work, shop, school, socialize, communicate, etc., are all revolutionized. So, a disruptive environment calls for innovations that also need to be disruptive. How the "D" word fits into RDI is still a puzzle, the challenge is however affirmed!!

Vision: A purposeful digital destination.

Successful digitalization is about how (or how easily) the customer interacts with technology. Without proper use cases, a digital journey can go seriously wrong. For example, if we look at 5G penetration. At the top, are the K-companies, banks, some industrial units and communication service providers, who use it to showcase their technological advancement. Slightly below them are the elite super-rich homes for services like Amazon Prime, Netflix and OSN. At the bottom are the working-class neighbors sharing a router for downloading movies and trying to make crisp video calls back home. The story goes the same for any fixed or mobile broadband service. In between these two categories of 5G users lies a gap which needs to be filled, which is a grid consisting of small entrepreneurs, hairdressers, tailors, utility men, electricians, plumbers etc. who need to be equipped & trained to be a part of the digital landscape. These businesses need to be digitalized, with a purpose.

Mission: Digital empowerment for enhanced customer experience.

The number of connected devices in 2021 is expected to reach 46 billion worldwide. But, what good is your Smart/IoT device if you still have to call the plumber to fix a leaking pipe? If we speak about homes, offices, buildings, cities, etc. which are “Smart”, these are just a waste of resources if not connected to the right service provider. We aim to digitally empower such services or businesses, or for that matter, anybody who has a legitimate reason to earn money and become a part of their productivity.

Our Skills

Below are some of our service skill's and we are improving & learning more in order to stay up to date.
ECommerce Portal
Digital Marketing
Database Services
Custom Software Development

Our Services!

“Rdi digital” is a pioneer digital company that provides services like Web Design, Web Development, Brand Building, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing , Content Creation and App Development.

What We Do ?

Consultancy ,Website , Mobile App & API Development .

Consultancy: • IT Service Management- ISO/IEC 20000 conformance • Information Security Management System- ISO/IEC 27001 conformance • Standards implementation and audit

Social Media Marketing , SEO & Content Marketing Services.

Android & iOS Apps , ECommerce Websites , Web Applications & Website Development Services.

Graphic Designing , Web Designing ,Video Editing & UI/UX Design Services.



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